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Buzzword #7 Nov 2001
Issue # 7              Jan’s ‘Genealogy on the Net’ Buzzword     Nov, 2001
Welcome to Jan’s Buzzword.  Just buzzing with interesting information!

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Certificate Fee Increase - action needed by mid November.  Watch Fair Go, 7 November, TV 1, 8pm
Census of NSW 1828 on CD-ROM
Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901
Hooked on Genealogy Tour 2001
National Burial Index CD
Hooked on Genealogy Tour leaving 17 July 2002
Family Tree Maker 9 and Family Origins 10 upgrades & FTM full program
Computers!! -  Acer Notebooks, LCD Monitor,  Oh so simple Desktop
Some interesting books in stock
NetGuide January
Family History magazines
Jan’s Fast Tracks
Forthcoming Events

 Certificate Fee Increase  - Read this first!!  Act now!!  Watch Fair Go 7 Nov TV1, 8pm
Are you aghast at the recent increases?  (Now $30 for certificate or photocopy)  Then ......
Make a complaint to the Regulations Review Committee.
Needs to be in for next week.  (That is by mid November)
Go to:
(1) click on: Publications (2) click on: Other Parliamentary
Publications & Information (3) click on: Making a Complaint to the
Regulations Review Committee
BUT - really think this is best done by the NZSG.  So to help Council with this -
Write to your MP with a copy to NZSG.
Don’t know how to contact your MP?
Quote: "Births, Deaths and Marriages Regulations (Fees), Amending Regulations 2001/297"
I am sure we would all accept an increase to $30 for a certificate, but it is now $30 for the photocopy, an increase of around 300%, and that is horrendous.  We could also hope that the new extended Index, due sometime within say 2 years -  will be free to search on the Internet!!
You can email (addresses are on web site above). Don’t forget to copy the NZSG, ( ) so that they will have this if needed.

 Fair Go 7 Nov 2001
“Cutting the rogue tree cutters down to size; why getting back to your roots shouldn't cost you the earth”
If reading this after 7 Nov, then go to and 7 Nov episode.  You may have to click on Archive on the right and then episode 34.

 Census of NSW 1828 on CD-ROM (third listing)

On track for the proposed late Nov publication date.  Orders are being taken now.  Price will be somewhere around $50 pre publication.  You will be able to search on many fields, and there will be information not included in the book.  Do let us know if you would like to be on the pre publication list.

 Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901 (second listing)
A new publication from Library of Australian History.  Beautifully published, HB, A4 512pp, by Keith Johnson & Malcolm Sainty.  Mainly the Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901 and the History of Sydney’s Early Cemeteries from 1788.  Thousands of names, 6 separate indexes.  c$95.  Order from us & your copy will come by air mail direct from Australia, but you pay us by credit card or cheque.

 Hooked on Genealogy Tour 2001
Well, this was a wonderful Tour!  Even if I say so myself!  Great group of people and such fun to be with. To quote our fifth time tour member ‘The Best Ever’!!  Everybody made some progress with their research, on some, if not on all, their lines!  No one had trouble filling their second, empty suitcase!  We were just not ready to leave Salt Lake after nearly three weeks.  It was a most exciting time to be there as every day brought changes to our British Floor.  Carpet down, but not ‘laid’; carpet now laid; wall had gone from the copy room; the reception desk partially demolished etc etc.  But the area we looked at every day, was were the 40 computers sat waiting .... and waiting ..... then yes!  They were up and running and we could use them.  Wonderful.  Not a CD in sight.  To use the 1881 census was a joy.  The IGI, AF, Pedigree Resource Files, British Vitals,  etc etc.  And the Windows version of the IGI.  Most interesting.  We had the Library to ourselves most nights.  Then London - wow!  So much to see and do.  Staying so close to the main repositories was great.  We were frequent visitors to the FRC.  Belfast and Dublin yielded some ‘finds’ and it was interesting to attend lectures at the 4th Irish Genealogical Congress.  I was able to help by presenting two computer sessions (standing in for an American presenter who was not able to attend).

 National Burial Index CD England and Wales (repeat notice)
Has been selling well.  Our price has been  $98. + $2, though next shipment may be different depending on exchange rate, postage etc.  Just email  to place an order.  Please go to to read about the NBI OR if you have purchased already, either through Beehive Books or elsewhere, click on Download latest version, to update the viewer. The upgrade file, which you need to download onto your hard disk, contains the new version of the NBI viewer program and its support files. It does not change any of the NBI data entries.

 Hooked on Genealogy Tour leaving 17 July 2002
Something different this time!  The tour will begin with a 3 day Conference on the Queen Mary!  A British Conference for those researching in Britain.  Then on to Salt Lake City for 17 nights.  Then to London and thence to Edinburgh.  We will be in Edinburgh during the Festival Time, so you might like to take some time off from Family History Research for some culture!!  Please email to place your name on the mailing list for further information.  Do not have the ‘further information’ ready as yet! So will send this as soon as is possible.  Web site should be up and running soon.

 Family Tree Maker 9 and Family Origins 10 upgrades & FTM Full Program
Price was $70 + $2.  They do seem to be worthwhile upgrades.  There is a problem with the FTM upgrade.  Go to to read about the problem and to request email notification of when the free patch is ready to download.  You can also read about FTM 9 here if you are wondering whether to upgrade or not.  If you have not entered any source citations, you should be fine.  Just keep using FTM 9, but do check the web site.  If you can’t access the web site, send a message to and I will send the message.  You don’t have to have purchased from Beehive Books.
FTM version 9 full program 1 CD $110 + $2 postage

 Acer Notebooks
We have sold the Acer brand for many years now and find it most reliable and needing  very little after sales care!  I   use my notebook more than the desktop! Very suitable to be your only computer. Takes up so little room too.  Will install freeware &/or shareware programs which will  help you. And Internet ready with  Quik if required.  And Legacy standard.  
Model 202T
Intel Celeron 650 MHz   12.1" TFT SVGA   LCD screen 128 MB ram   5GB HDD 24x CD-ROM Drive 56K modem  Windows ME   Plus free carry bag! Available Now  $2450 +gst (+ freight)
Model  211T
Intel Celeron 750 MHz   12.1" TFT SVGA LCD screen 1024X768 192MB 10 GB HDD   24x CD-ROM Drive 56K modem  Windows ME Available Now   $2550 +gst (+ freight)
Model  210 TER
Intel Celeron 750 MHz  13.3"  TFT SVGA LCD screen 800 x 600 256MB ram 10GB HDD   8 x 4 x 32CD-RW (yes!  CD ReWriter!)   56K modem  Windows ME  Available Now   $2 830 +gst (+ freight)
Model 211TXV
Intel Celeron 750 MHz  14.1" TFT SVGA LCDscreen 1024x768 256MB 10GB HDD  8x DVD-ROM Drive 56K modem Windows ME  Available Now   $3200 +gst (+ freight)
All but the 210TER with 3 year warranty.  210 TER has 1  year,  purchase another 2 years c$230 + GST.

 LCD Monitor - so GOOD to look at and so light!!  So much better for your health too!
15” - which is as good as the old 17” Affordable price!!  $975 + GST + freight.

 JDI Oh so simple Desktop
MS Windows ME or 98SE, 52 Speed CD Rom, 56k Modem, 128Mb PC_133, Duron 750MHz CPU,  20Gb HDD, 15" SVGA Digital Colour Monitor.  Can upgrade RAM or Hard disk or monitor etc.
0800 User support
Price is $1795 incl GST and including freight. Or, with pre arranged finance, pay just $15 per week over 3 years.  We have one of these simple System computers and they are great!
Just ask if you would like more information on any of the hardware above.

 Some interesting books in stock
Ancestral Trails Mark Herber, PB 2000 701pp $100 and HB 1998 674pp $115.  The definitive test on English genealogy.  Guides the researcher through the maze of British archives, with detailed views of the records and the published sources available, analysing each record and guiding the searcher to finding aids and indexes.  From beginners to the more difficult and unusual records.  Say you would like this to give or receive as a Christmas present and take a 10% discount!!

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors John Grenham pb 2000 374pp $50 THE Guide book for Irish Research!  Part 1 Major Sources - Civil, Census, Church & Land Records.  Other Sources - Wills, Emigration, Newspapers etc.  Part 3 - Reference Guide - Occupations, County Source Lists (has what records are available and where located), RC Registers, Societies, Repositories etc.  10% discount if for Christmas!

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry Kathleen Cory pb 1990 212pp $43 Although published in 1990, is still a marvellous tool - the best!  Basic research techniques plus illustrations of records, so you know just what they look like and the information they contain, lots of addresses, glossary 10% discount for Christmas!

All + $5 despatch

 NetGuide January (in stores early December)  [NB NetGuide February in store January]
Watch out for this issue, has the first of two parts on Researching Family History on the Internet.  May well be in the Australian edition too, so let your Aussie rellies know!

 Family History magazines
We do stock Family Tree Magazine, Practical Family History, Family History Monthly, Family Tree Magazine (USA version).  (And NetGuide too!). Suggestion - go to the web site of the magazine and read what has been in the magazines.  Then, if there is one that you would like, email to see if we have a copy!  Our price is a little less than shop price, but we will have to charge postage. - Family Tree & Practical Family History (UK), nothing for FHM as yet, FTM (USA)  I really like the FTM USA, has some very good articles that use the Internet, so not limited to the US.       

 The index of the 1881 electoral roll. This was the first year that all men aged 21 and over, who either owned property, or had lived in New Zealand for at least one year, and in an electorate for at least six months before registering as an elector, had the right to vote.  Maori who owned property on individual titles were also eligible to enrol as electors in any European Electorate where they were so qualified.  So the 1881 election was the first to be held using Universal Male Suffrage.  The index has been microfiched and the fiche is available from Beehive Books, P O Box 25-025, Auckland 1130 or email The cost is $20 + up to $5 postage.  You may pay by MasterCard, Visa, Bartercard or cheque.  An instruction sheet will be included.  Overseas orders welcome!

 Jan’s Fast Tracks (green lights, free left turns etc etc)
Remember the hint to use the back arrow on the keyboard to go back to the previous screen when using the Internet?  Well, I have found another way!  Ctrl left arrow, also takes you back and is so easy to do.  Using the right arrow will take you forward.  And remember the down arrow head beside the back arrow (top LH corner of the screen) will give you a list of where you have been and you can choose where to go back to.  Great when you are using as you can go right back to the IGI screen if you wish.
Typing a .com URL?  Just type the name eg familysearch and hit CTRL Enter and the http etc and .com will be added automatically.  Yes, you can go into - is the same as .org.
Like a special memento??  Go to and you can download (free) a screen saver of views of One Tree Hill complete with tree!
You most probably know about the MultiMaps web site.  But - try this! .  Takes you to their list of places with aerial photos.  Click on your choice, then click on map overlap - your cursor becomes a  map!  So you can look at the photo and then the map!!  I have had such fun with the London map.  
Have you heard about Mailing Lists?  Not too sure about this resource?  Go to and scroll down to The Genealogy Message Searcher - this enables you to search all of the messages on GenForum and Ancestry (including FamilyHistory and GenConnect) at once. You can now search tens of millions of messages in one convenient place.  Make sure you record the results in your Internet Diary!!  

 Forthcoming events:
Southern England Interest Group Research Day, Saturday 13 April, 2002 9am-4pm at Ronald Batson Centre, St Johns Ambulance Hall, 171 Manukau Rd (Cnr Domett Ave), Epsom. $5 bring your own lunch.

There will be a Legacy Users Group meeting 24 Nov 2001 6pm.  Wellspring,  320 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers. for more details.  Please email Jan with items for discussion or demonstration!  Either by you or by Jan or for general discussion.  If you have found something new (to you) and would like to share this, please let Jan know.
Till next time ,   Jan
I have gathered together items I hope you will find interesting, worthwhile, informative and perhaps thought provoking.  Items that I have heard about because of having Beehive Books since 1987; from taking Hooked on Genealogy Tours sine 1992 and so meeting lots of people in Salt Lake City, in England, in Australia etc; from being a Past President and Life Member of the NZSG; from being a member of various other genealogical Societies.  If you hear of any item which would be interesting to include, please let me know!