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End it all
EndItAll version 1 screen shot                                                                                                        
 Jan's Helplet (that is a helpful leaflet!)

Stop!!  Read this before you install your new program!!!

Before installing any Windows program, you MUST close down (end task) on all programs that are running.  You DO NOT KNOW what programs are running!!  You can right click on the icons on lower RH corner of your screen and exit, close down, pause or whatever ending choice you are given.  Not your mouse, the volume control, monitor icon if you have one.

Then you need to hit the CTRL, the ALT and Delete keys, just slightly after each other and holding all three down together for a moment.  A ‘Close Program’ window will appear and you will see all of the programs that are running.  You must click on each one, one by one, and hit ‘end task’.  EXCEPT leave Explorer running.  You will have to hit the CTRL, ALT, DELETE keys each time and the end task key.

Once you have just Explorer running, then place your new program CD in the CD drive and follow instructions.

Once the install is completed, close down (Start/Shut Down/Restart) and all your programs will running again!!  Only by doing this, can you be sure that your new program has the best possible chance of running correctly for you.

STOP!  There is an easier way   EndItAll