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1901 Census
The Index to the 1901 census on line is free to search. From this you should be able to identify the person or family you are looking for.  Then comes the time to pay!! Read carefully at the end of this message for hints on how to find more information on the free search.

The Index has been created on a database. When you find a person, you can look at the information that has been typed into the database.  To access this and look at (and print out) the entry for a person will cost 50p. However, it is better to view and print the image of the actual page in the CEB. (Census Enumerator's Book). Then you are not depending on the accuracy of the transcribing into the database! To view and print a page will cost 75p.

Two ways to pay. By credit card or by voucher. When paying by credit card, you have to spend at least £5 within 48 Hours. At the end of 48 hours the Credit card account will be debited by amount spent or £5 if less than £5 spent.

Vouchers are available in denominations of £5 and £10. They are a card with a number and a scratch panel with a password.

When you ask to view a pay for item, the voucher number and password you enter are registered. At the end of the session you close off the voucher and it will be available the next time you access the census and request a pay for item.

The Voucher will expire either when the credit has been used, or at the end of 6 months from first registering.

If the credit remaining on a voucher is insufficient to pay for the next entry, then when a new voucher is started the balance from old voucher will be added to the new voucher. Use the old voucher number and the message will say not enough credit remaining. Enter new voucher details as requested and new balance will have the old and new amount.

You may purchase the Vouchers from Beehive Books - the 5 pound vouchers are $21 and the 10 pounds vouchers $42. Though these prices may change if the exchange rate changes.  

You may pay by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or cheque. These prices include postage & GST.You may write, phone or fax your credit card number. Or email - you may like to do this in words and numbers eg forty nine 99 33 twenty four... and finishes March twenty hundred and four. Let us know if you would like to pay direct to our bank account.

And the other good news - if you cannot use all the credit on your voucher, you may share it with others.

To access the site - Use the free index first and when you are ready, click on the page icon and, when requested, enter the voucher number and scratch the panel and reveal your password, enter this information and away you go!!

Suggest you go to and download the free program TreePad. Highlight and copy the information you have found and save the index and keep track of what you have found in TreePad.

Hints - to find the person number (a consecutive number allocated down the page), right click on the underlined link (person's name). Then click on properties and make a note of the number shown. Husband and wife and children could/should have consecutive numbers.  To find the page number - as your cursor passes over the page icon (to the left of the name, little yellowish rectangle) look towards the bottom of your screen and you could see a long line of information which ends in the page number. Those on the same page are likely to be in the same family - or at least live close together!

Less is best - when searching the Index, try with the least information at first. Don't rely on the gender being correct.

Just use forename and surname at first. Best way to limit hits is to put in an age - eg if looking for someone who could have had children type in 36 years and type 18 in the +- box. This will look for people with that forename and surname and aged from 18 to 54.

You can try just forename with place of birth, gender and age (using system above) just in case the only indexing error is with the surname.

Good idea to go to and download the free viewing program. Then, you use this to view and print the image. If you have trouble printing or viewing, then just save the image (make a note where it saves), go to irfanview and open the image. Make sure you click to view or to print to fit the page.

Some sites to help with using the free census index:  NB - these may not be user friendly for beginners! Just keep trying!  Can be a great help and a money saver! This one is very simple to use. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR DATA!

1) Displays Piece and Folio Numbers.
2) Allows sorting on any field or adjacent fields (surname and
   forename are now separate fields).
3) Allows splitting into family groups - ie groups with
   consecutive or near-consecutive Person IDs.
You can find the set-up files at:

Hope this helps!