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Family History Classes  - Community Education & NZSG
Selwyn Community Education, Kohimarama Rd, Auckland
 ph 521 9623 mailto:

 FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH    6 weeks         $40.00
 Tutor - Jan Gow. Locating the who, when and where of your ancestors. Climb
 your tree, dig for skeletons, dip your toe into surfing the net.
 Researching, recording, recalling - all aspects of how to research your
 family tree. What to look for, where to look and what to do with what you
 find. Genealogy and The Internet is an extension to this course.
 043     Monday 7-9pm commencing 5 May
 105   Tuesday 7-9pm commencing 21 October
 GENEALOGY & THE INTERNET           2 weeks or 1 Saturday       $25.00
 Tutor - Jan Gow. Climb your Family Tree whilst you surf the internet. Learn
 how to do this and what is available.  You will gain a background to email
 and using the internet and how to use the information you find. You will
 need to be familiar with basic family history research techniques and have
 had some experience in going 'online'. Having been to (or now going to) the How to Find the
 Roots and Fruits of Your Family Tree course will meet this requirement..
 515   Saturday 9am-1pm on 24 May
 035 Monday 7-9pm commencing 9 September
 516  Saturday 9am-1pm on 8 November
 Tutor - Jan Gow. Zoom in on this one web site!! Millions of records! Learn
 how to Search for your families to find your people; learn the short cuts!!
 Seek out the original records available for your places. Make the best use
 of a genealogy program too. Dig for new information and see how to verify
 what you find.
  518  Saturday 9am-1pm on 8 November
 Tutor - Jan Gow. Learn the secrets of the genealogy search string. How to
 really check if some one else has placed information about your families on
 the WWW. How to find the WWW on the WWW! The who, where and when on the
 world wide web! Suggestions on keeping track on where you have been!
 Please bring an A5 hard covered notebook - lined or blank pages.   
 109 Tuesday 7-9pm on 29 April
 GENEALOGY IN UK AND IRELAND   1 session          $20.00
 Tutor - Jan Gow. Have you gone online to search for a particular person or
 place in the UK - and three hours later you have been to all sorts of
 interesting web sites, but have still not found your person or place? Learn
 how to zoom in to where you really want to go and make the best use of your
 time online.
 131 Tuesday 7-9pm on 6 May
 FINDING OTHERS RESEARCH   1 session       $20.00
 Tutor - Jan Gow. You need to have attended the Using Search Engines for
 Genealogy session before coming to Finding Others Researching Your Families
 - and your places too. Covers Mailing Lists, Gateways, Webrings etc. Bring
 your Internet Diary (from Search Engines Class).
 521 Saturday 2pm-4pm on 24 May

WHAT IS A GENEALOGY PROGRAM     1 session     $20
Tutor - Jan Gow. What should a program do for you? What benefit is this? How to decided on the program for you. What is important in a program? How to use a program. Programs in general will be discussed and three programs in particular - Legacy, Family Origins (RootsMagic), Family Tree Maker - will be looked at with hand on trials
253  Wednesday 6-9pm on 30 April

Manurewa High School

8 week course. Covers basic research techniques and at the same time hands on access to the internet. So, as we learn about a topic we can see how using the internet can help.
Tues 13 May, Mon 13 October

Pakuranga College
Gate 4 Pakuranga Highway.  ph/fax 537 1814
 Listed in the section headed ' Communication skills'

'Digging and Surfing for your Family Roots'  special 6 week course  
Learn the basic research techniques to dig down deep for the roots of your family tree, together with the thrill of how to use the internet and catch any information relevant to your search. Lean how to sift the Treasures from the Trash on the internet and go back to original sources.

'Paddle and Surf the Internet'   4 weeks  14 May 2003
Dip your toes in the water then climb upon your surfboard and go researching on the internet!

Edgewater College  32 Edgewater Drive, Pakuranga   576 4731

Family History Research Jan Gow
Duration: 6 weeks $40.00
170A EC Mon 24 February 7.00 - 9.00 pm
170B EC Thu 15 May 7.00 - 9.00 pm
Find the roots and fruits of your family tree. Locate the who, when and where of your ancestors. Climb your tree, look for skeletons - family history is fun!

Genealogy & the Internet Jan Gow
Duration: One evening $20.00
171B EC Thu 26 June 6.00 - 9.00 pm
For students who have done the basic course, this is an opportunity to use the internet for research, find out what information is available and how to use it.

Sandringham Community Centre, Kitchener Rd, Sandringham ph 846 6649
Tues 12.30-2.30pm 6 week course  6 May 2003

Jan's lectures at The NZSG Rooms, 159 Queens Rd, Panmure, Auckland
Two lectures - 4.30-6.30 and 7.30-9.30 - on each of Friday 25 April, Friday 9 May and Friday 23 May.

These lectures are carefully planned to flow from one to the other! You should, she says modestly, plan to attend all 6! The lectures are being repeated through the year, with the times reversed - that is the earlier lecture is at the later time. (So if you can't attend the early lectures you can catch up).

The first lecture is "Paddle the Internet - Getting Started"  - The secrets of email; Search Engine maths; Checking the Big 5".  
Second - "Searching for Treasure - Knowing Where to Look" - Keeping track of your clues (Internet Diary, Just looking thanks (checking out websites), This is the Place (using pedigree sheets to know where to look).  
Although there is some overlapping from second to first lecture, if attending only the second lecture you will need to know basic search techniques and be familiar with using a word processing program.

Third lecture - "Millions of Names - Using FamilySearch and other databases" - Finding the Who Where and When on the WWW and keeping track of what you have found! Using TreePad. Going back to original records. You will need 5 generation Pedigree sheets starting from your parents (or, if younger than a silver citizen, your grandparents).
Fourth lecture - "Don't Reinvent the Wheel  - Finding Others Researching Your Family" - Mailing Lists, Gateways, Webrings etc - all can be a wonderful help. Need pedigree sheets as above.
Would be an advantage to have attended lectures one and two or similar.

Fifth lecture - "Your Internet Treasure Hunt - Keeping Track of YourClues".   This is the important one!!   Here we learn to plan our internet research logically and methodically and keep track of where we have been and what we find. Especially original records. Advanced research is only half the solution!!  Search, search, search and write, write, write and verify, verify, verify!!  Basic search techniques will NOT be covered. You will need to be familiar with copying and pasting. It will be to your advantage to send your 5 generation sheets (as above) to Jan well before the class (P O Box 25025, Auckland 1130).

Each lecture comes with a floppy disk with URLs, TreePad etc.

Sixth lecture - What to do with all this information?? - Genealogy computer programs. What can they do? What would you like them to do? Hands on tryouts of some programs.

Each lecture is $20

For more information email