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Buzzword #7 Nov 2001
Buzzword Newsletters  
I have gathered together items I hope you will find interesting, worthwhile, informative and perhaps thought provoking.  Items that I have heard about because:
I purchased Beehive Books in 1987 and so need to keep up to date with computer programs, books, maps fiche, CDs etc etc!!  And sometimes (all the time!) have good things for sale!
I have taken Hooked on Genealogy Tours since 1992 and so meet and know lots of people in Salt Lake City, in England, in Scotland, in Ireland, in Australia
I have visited repositories in these countries both for my personal research and with the Tour Parties
I am a Past President, Past Treasurer and Life Member of the NZSG. I started the Panmure and St Heliers Branches of the NZSG and am a Past Convenor of St Heliers Branch. At present Convenor of the Genealogical Computing Group of the NZSG
I am and have been a member of various other genealogical Societies and Special Interest Groups of the NZSG
I have been teaching Family History Research at various Community Education facilities since 1985 - now include Jan's Genealogical Auto-Route Guide to the Information Highway along with 'How to Find the Roots and Fruits of Your Family Tree' - Basic Research techniques
I have been a regular guest on Radio Talk Back and have a monthly column in NetGuide
I have spoken and lectured in New Zealand, Australia, America, England and Ireland
If you hear of any item which would be interesting to include, please let me know!
I am not used to using the I word like this!! Don't like it!! But does give you an idea of the network that creates the Buzzword

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Buzzword #7 Nov 2001
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