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End it all
You can use  ENDITALL!!

This little program will do all that work for you!!!  

Before you start to install, run ENDITALL (have an icon on your desktop).  ENDITALL will always protect Explorer, Systray and ENDITALL.  That is fine.  You may recognise other programs you feel should be protected.  Click ENDITALL and watch it terminate the running programs!!

Then, place your new CD in the drive and install.  Once completed, restart and everything will be running again.

It is a good idea to have a folder called ZIPS or DOWNLOADS and always save your downloads there.  Then you won’t have any trouble finding the .zip file to double click and install.

Read about EndItAll 2 - by the programmer .....

EndItAll 2 for Win9x/ME/NT/2000
Neil J. Rubenking
Closing running programs before installing new software, running games/children's software, or writing to CD-Rs, is routine for the computer user who wants to avoid installation problems and program conflicts. But after closing every visible window and icon in your tray manually via the so called "polite" termination method (applicable to all full-scale applications, such as browsers, spreadsheets or word processors), you still need to address all the programs running in the background that aren't visible.
Exercising the famous 3-fingered salute (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) is necessary to open the Close Program dialog window, allowing you to select each of the listed programs and then methodically end task them one-by-one. This can be extremely tedious if you are like most users and have a good-sized list of programs.
PC Magazine Extra's simple EndItAll 2 utility is a must-have freeware program that will allow you to be just a click away from closing all the non-essential/non-system programs. As can be seen in the screen shot, invoking the program will reveal the same list of running programs as the Close Program dialog. By default, certain system programs, such as Explorer, Systray, Rnaapp (Dial-Up Networking), plus EndItAll 2 itself, are protected by default and will not be shut down unless you toggle their status by pressing the space bar. Unlike the Close Program dialog, one single press of the End It All button on the lower left immediately closes all the non-protected applications.
In this particular example, however, note an open visible full-scale application that was not closed before invoking EndItAll 2 (Winword in this case), indicated by the hand icon next to it. Such flagged running programs, while marked to be closed with all other non-protected apps, are better off being closed manually in the "polite" manner. When a full-scale program is closed "politely", any system libraries it was using get notified that this program doesn't need them any more.
The latest version brings:
Ability to block power management during operation.
Ability to block screen saver during operation.
Command line support for automatic operation.
Ability to select which programs to close down.
To install, simply download and decompress the ZIP archive, below, then run Install.exe. Removal is via Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet. Note: Version 4.7 or later of the system library Comctl32.dll is required.

Download   version 2

Download EndItAll     version 1